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Enterprise Cloud products

Reliable enterprise-level standards

FishCloud has many advanced technologies to ensure 99.99% stability and 99.99% security of servers. Fast, stable and safe is our first standard.


Cloud Computing

Experience the pleasure of rapid deployment of virtual machine


Bare Metal

Extreme experience consistent with physical machines, no virtualization, all hardware resources alone


Exclusive Cloud

Comfortable and excellent experience to avoid sharing resources with neighbors

Cloud Computing

only 9.9 USD / Monthly
  • 2678 * 2 (1T)
  • RAM 1G
  • SSD 1 * 10G
  • Transfer 1TB
  • IPv4 * 1
  • HK Bandwidth 100Mbps
  • Int'l Bandwidth 20Mbps

Bare Metal

only 84 USD / Monthly
  • 2620 * 2 (12C/24T)
  • RAM 32G
  • SSD 1 * 480G
  • Transfer infinite
  • IPv4 * 1
  • HK Bandwidth 100Mbps
  • Int'l Bandwidth 20Mbps

Exclusive Cloud

only 568 USD / Monthly
  • 2678 * 2 (2T)
  • RAM 1G
  • SSD 1 * 15G
  • Transfer 1TB
  • IPv4 * 1
  • HK Bandwidth 100Mbps
  • Int'l Bandwidth 20Mbps


Product Features - Hardware

Super CPU Performance

  • With Intel Haswell EP architecture, performance will be improved by 33% compared with the previous generation of Ivy Bridge EP.

  • Many new features (hardware and software) have been added to the platform.

  • On the hardware side, virtualization enhancements and security enhancements can significantly improve application performance without any support from developers.


Product Features - Circuits

High Speed and Stable Circuit

  • Our data center devices are connected to HKBN dedicated lines to achieve the lowest latency (higher priority than commercial broadband).

  • With the access of special line in computer room, China Mainland Telecom, China Unicom and mobile routes are connected directly. There is no need to worry about high delay caused by bypass, with a minimum delay of 8 ms.

  • Lower latency helps your business develop without long waiting and loss of packages.

Why did you choose us?

Because it's professional, stable and high speed, it's trustworthy.

We have always focused on providing professional, stable and reliable services to global users.

  • Professional services

    We have a professional team and professional partners, whether from hardware or software, we can provide you with professional services.

  • Stable equipment

    Our servers all use hardware raid without CPU resources. Compared with a single storage device, it has a great improvement in speed, stability and storage capacity, and has a certain degree of data security protection ability.

  • High speed network

    Our networks are all connected to dedicated lines, with higher weight than commercial broadband and home broadband, ensuring stable access during peak hours. The minimum delay of Guangdong visit is only 8ms, helping your business to develop better.


We have the most popular server operating system on the market. You can install your preferred system

Cooperative partner

Understanding our partners

Our profession, not only because of us, more importantly, we have more professional partners, so we have professional services.