Expert Products in Exclusive Cloud

  • Resource Independence: Comfortable and Excellent Experience to Avoid Sharing Resources with Neighbors
  • Resource Exclusion: Allocate reasonable resources independently without sharing resources with neighbours
  • Security Compliance: CPU, memory, hard disk and network resources are dedicated to tenants to meet your business needs
Multi system selection

Independent choice of mainstream system

We provide you with the mainstream operating system on the market, you can choose freely when you buy it, and you can also change it at any time after purchase, saving time and worry.

Available immediately

Auto install configuration

As long as you purchase and pay, our system will install and configure the network for you according to the system you choose, so that you can use it immediately.

Full SSD hard disk

All hard drives are SSDs

All the hard disks on our server are SSD hard disks, and the RAID disk array is used at the same time, which can ensure your data security at the same time of high-speed storage.


Consulting via E-mail

You can consult the product information you want to know by sending mail to the customer service mailbox.


Consultation through Instant Chat

You can use our instant messaging system to consult us about the product information you want to know.