FishCloud Terms of Service

Read the Terms of Service before you use the services we provide. The terms may be changed.

Agreement description

1. The FishCloud Network Science And Technology (HONG KONG) Limited develops, publishes, and maintains these Terms of Service to the extent permitted by law; and provides services to customers in accordance with the terms and conditions of this document.

2. This agreement (contract) applies to FishCloud Network Science And Technology (HONG KONG) Limited. and users, and individuals or legal persons who subscribe to the products or services of FishCloud Network Science And Technology (HONG KONG) Limited are users.

3. When you purchase the products or services of FishCloud Network Science And Technology (HONG KONG) Limited, you must agree to the terms of service; if you have purchased the products or services of FishCloud Network Science And Technology (HONG KONG) Limited. and complete the payment, you agree to the service. Terms.

4. These Terms of Service are like the written terms of the customer's signature and signature, and have the same legal effect on both the user and FishCloud Network Science And Technology (HONG KONG) Limited.

5. FishCloud Network Science And Technology (HONG KONG) Limited. reserves the right to amend these Terms of Service at any time. Modifications, additions or deletions to these Terms will take effect immediately upon posting updates on this page.

1. User information and privacy protection

1. You should provide relevant identification and other information in time according to the requirements of FishCloud Network Science And Technology (HONG KONG) Limited., otherwise you have the right to refuse to provide relevant services to you.

2. The user information you fill in is true and accurate, and you can ensure that FishCloud Network Science And Technology (HONG KONG) Limited. can contact you through the contact information you filled out.

3. The user needs to keep his user account properly and assume full responsibility for all activities and events carried out on the account.

4. User agrees and authorizes: Based on the importance of products and services, FishCloud Network Science And Technology (HONG KONG) Limited. maintains contact and communication with customers through its user information, including but not limited to mail, instant messaging, etc. And emergency handling, etc.

5. Any user information submitted on this website is limited to our use of a more efficient and quality service experience for our users. FishCloud Network Science And Technology (HONG KONG) Limited. promises and guarantees the confidentiality of user information and customer privacy, and destroys data when necessary.

2. Prohibited behavior

The services provided are only allowed to be used within the legal scope and will not be responsible for the actions of customers using the services of FishCloud Network Science And Technology (HONG KONG) Limited.

All products/services offered are prohibited from performing the following actions:

  • Violation of the laws of the country where the product is located.
  • Place Trojans, viruses, hackers, pornography, scams, private services, plug-ins, gambling, eavesdropping, phishing websites, threats of violence, pirated movies, harassment of content, incitement to hate/violence, sending emails without permission from recipients (trash Mail), external attacks, port scanning or attempting to invade any form of hacking such as any computer or network; and any other laws that violate the country in which the product is located.
  • It is strictly forbidden for users to deliberately attack other servers, including but not limited to DDoS denial of access service attacks. After the discovery, they will be immediately stopped and no refunds will be made, and legal responsibility will be pursued.
  • Place a website that has been or is suffering from DDOS or CC attacks. If the client's product is attacked and the server is not working properly or affects other customers' normal access, we will suspend your related products. After confirming the attack is excluded, please contact us to re-open. Service, the second time the product will be deleted and no refund)
  • Use Torrents, BT, etc. to download or distribute copyrighted content.
  • Run the digging flow mine, all kinds of virtual currency, video hanging, cluster computing, traffic brushing, using net_speeder/finalspeed/kcptun and other multi-issue software that interferes with other servers to run, which consumes a lot of CPU, bandwidth and hard disk resources. Software (Universal broadband products are not subject to this limitation for standalone servers).
  • Use shared IP products for domain name docking, domain name sales, etc.; split virtual hosts for secondary sales or sharing.
  • You may not copy copyrighted music, software, books, or otherwise in any other way unless you have obtained permission from the author or the law.
  • Any behavior that may cause Digital Technology to be retaliated by the network or affect other users.
  • Upon verification, if the user has the above behavior, we will have the right to include, but not limited to, the following: request to delete, suspend the service, suspend the service, and submit it to the relevant law enforcement agencies.

3. Disclaimer

Users using their products for business activities should have the permission or approval of the relevant departments of the country and region, and prohibit the publication of content that infringes on the legal rights (including intellectual property rights) of others. However, FishCloud Network Science And Technology (HONG KONG) Limited. is not obliged to review whether the user has a compliance license. Any economic/political/legal disputes arising from the user's business activities are resolved by the user and assume all responsibility. The user must agree that FishCloud Network Science And Technology (HONG KONG) Limited. shall not be responsible or liable for this or any third party in the event of the above events.

4. Payment and arrears and refunds

  • The user needs to renew the business in advance. When the business expires, the customer's business will face the risk of suspension of service, business cancellation, and data loss.
  • Upon expiration of the product, your product will be suspended or deleted. We reserve the right to delete the service data without notifying the customer. The resulting data is lost and we are not responsible for it.
  • Our company only refunds the cloud server/cloud web hosting business (24 hours after opening), each user is limited to 1 refund opportunity, the refund service is limited to 1 and the refund must be submitted with reasonable reasons. If the reasons are not sufficient, we have the right to refuse the refund; other: independent server, server hosting, etc. without any refund guarantee. Please note. Discounted products are not refundable.
  • refunds to the website balance without a handling fee, can be used as a new service or renewal fee; refund to Alipay, Paypal and other related accounts, we will deduct the corresponding payment interface fee for each refund (if not will not be deducted) And resource occupancy fees.
  • account balance is only applicable to product consumption, not cashable.
  • Refunds are not available for the following conditions:
    • IP addresses are banned due to attacks, hacking, etc.; including but not limited to GFW (China Great Wall)
    • The cloud server/cloud virtual host is suspended or terminated due to a violation of the Terms of Service (TOS) and usage policy (AUP).
    • The user repeats the purchase and refunds multiple times.
    • The information is not filled in, or the refund is not allowed.
    • During the communication process, the customer service personnel are not respected, and the abusive customer service personnel are not allowed to refund.
    • Models participating in discounts are not marked as "refundable".
    • Obtain an account balance or any product by illegal means, attempt to cash out, etc.

5. Compensation clause

Due to the failure of our staff, the data is lost, the user has the right to ask us to compensate accordingly. The losses caused by the following reasons are not within the scope of our compensation:

  • When performing server configuration, upgrade, and maintenance, it is necessary to interrupt the service for a short period of time (in advance through the mailbox or official website notification).
  • The speed of user website access is reduced due to channel blocking on the Internet.
  • Losses and effects resulting from violations of these Terms of Service.
  • Incidents caused by hacking issues, technical adjustments in the telecommunications sector and government regulations.
  • Force majeure factors such as political changes, social events such as wars, and natural disasters such as weather and earthquakes.

6. Offer and price adjustment

Based on market and product changes and the need for event promotion, various offers will be introduced from time to time, including appropriate price adjustments, retaining all rights to offer and adjust prices. When the price of the product changes, it is only applicable to new orders, and cannot be applied to existing orders and in-services. FishCloud Network Science And Technology (HONG KONG) Limited. reserves the right to modify the product system and price at any time without notice to the user.

7. Dispute resolution

  • 1. For controversial content, including but not limited to any complaints such as DDOS attacks, politics, obscenity information, intellectual property rights, etc., we will communicate with the tenants and actively resolve them, and decide to suspend and suspend their services according to actual conditions; After the problem is still unresolved, or recurring, we have the right to terminate the service to the user and no refund.
  • In case of problems in the equipment room and the line, including unstable situations such as delays in access, packet loss, and inaccessibility caused by domestic and foreign network operators, it will assist in providing analytical evidence and will not compensate for the refund, but will do its best. Cooperate with the network operator to assist and solve the problem in a short time.

8. Account and other content

  • All products and services are considered to be used by the purchaser of the service, not allowing multiple people to share the same account or one natural person having multiple accounts.
  • The account balance can be used for the consumption of all products, and the balance of the member account cannot be withdrawn.
  • The prices on the website are all excluding tax prices.
  • The referral plan is for a natural person to recommend another natural person. If you find yourself recommending your own behavior, we have the right to clear your referral information and related subsidies.

9. Force majeure

  • FishCloud Network Science And Technology (HONG KONG) Limited majeure" as used in this Article means an objective event that cannot be foreseen, cannot be overcome and cannot be avoided and has a significant impact on the party or the parties, including but not limited to natural disasters such as floods, fires, explosions, lightning, earthquakes and storms. And social events such as serious power or network failures in the basic telecommunications carrier network, wars, turmoil, government actions, sudden changes in state policies, and strikes.
  • Due to force majeure or other accidents, the implementation of this clause is impossible, unnecessary or meaningless, and the party that suffers force majeure or accident is not liable.
  • You agree that in view of the particularity of the network, hacking attacks, network connectivity interruptions or system failures are force majeure, and the losses caused to you or third parties should not be borne by FishCloud Network Science And Technology (HONG KONG) Limited.
  • Since the computer hard disk and storage device are mechanical items, there is no guarantee that 100% of the mechanical failure will occur under any circumstances (all of our products use RAID technology), so you are responsible for its own data security. We strongly recommend that you regularly Data backup work, due to hardware loss caused by hardware failure, FishCloud Network Science And Technology (HONG KONG) Limited. does not assume its liability, but we will fully assist customers to recover data and solve problems.

10. Technical Support

We only provide free technical support for server system availability issues, network quality and availability issues, server login issues, server package changes, and server system reinstallation issues.

If customers need server security check and configuration, server application software installation and update, website server and database installation and configuration, website intrusion repair and performance tuning, system performance monitoring and tuning, etc., we can provide paid technology on demand. stand by.

The following principles apply to paying for paid technical support on demand:

  • Pay-as-you-go technical support services are calculated on a pay-per-order basis, and a work order can only contain one pay-per-use technical support content.
  • The same user submits multiple on-demand technical support work orders. In principle, the previous work order is processed in order, and the next work order is processed.
  • After the operation is completed and confirmed by the customer, the technical support is completed. If more technical support is needed, the new technical support service must be re-ordered.

FishCloud Network Science And Technology (HONG KONG) Limited. reserves the right of final interpretation of these Terms.

FishCloud Network Science And Technology (HONG KONG) Limited. reserves the right to modify this clause without prior notice.